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January 12, 2013

I have been working to at least two companies that behave badly to their employees. The shouting, the demeaning words, the constant despicable way of treating workers to rush the quota-based-work (poor outcomes) and it’s counted as quota-job-well-done. Shit! My first job, I end up quitting because for my entire 15 days work I had 3 episodes of heart palpitation and attack. I don’t want to waste my short-life with the bloody minimum wage and literate cavemen. Ahhhhh, quitting was a good decision.  The second job, was fine, but the people’s attitude towards each other are way too zoo than in a busy workplace. I stayed foot on the job, because I needed the money, who is not? The job was heavy works with difficult people. Yet, I need to survive. I did survive with flying colors. I end up learning to dance with the animalistic way of working. Animal! I meant it. Let the lions, cheetahs and tigers worked together. You be the judged. I quit not because of the zoo-o environment. I get tired of the work and it’s far from where I live. In fact, I end up as animal trainer there. Ha ha ha, I tamed them all.

Now, my third job, it’s almost the same as the second. But it’s priceless, co-workers are calm, soft-spoken, know the please and thank you, well-mannered, organized, neat and mostly friendly. I am still asking myself if, this company belongs to Canada. I am still waiting for the changes, may be these belongingness is only for the beginning. And, more to come.
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